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December 24, 2022

Golden Hour Photography Tips for Magical Photos

Golden hour is a magical time of the day for capturing images under the golden glow of the rising or setting sun. The warm, soft light, however, make it infinitely popular. In fact, most photographers I know schedule outdoor photography sessions around golden hour because their clients want that look. 

Golden Hour Photography Tips

What Is Golden Hour?

Golden hour photography refers to photographs taken around sunrise and sunset. Golden hour photography may have subjects from people to landscapes to architecture.

To understand what the golden hour is, you truly need to imagine the colors of sunrises and sunsets. Think of those stunning shades of orange, red, pink, and purple, and you’ll understand why it got the name golden hour.

When Is Golden Hour?

Sunrise and sunset happen at a precise time each day. The hours change throughout the year. Furthermore, golden hour doesn’t refer to the exact time at which the sun goes above or below the horizon.

The golden hour time is the first hour after the sunrise and the last hour before the sunset. You can prolong the photo shoot a bit before sunrise or after sunset. The colors will still be there and vary.

Golden Hour Photography Tips For Amazing Lighting

Once you know what the golden hour is, you understand the importance of it. Golden hour photography relies on low-intensity, highly saturated sunlight and outstanding sky colors. The light gives everything golden shades, enhances contrast, and creates a very sacred mood. Overall, it simply improves the qualiy of the photo.

Golden Hour Photography Tips

Golden Hour Tips For Magical Photos

Tip #1: Know When to Schedule Your Session for Golden Hour Photos
The golden “hour” varies from minutes to hours depending on your location and the time of year. The golden hour effect, however, happens as the sun moves

Tip #2: Scout the Location
Whether you plan to capture golden hour photos or shoot under midday sun, always scout your locations in advance. That is a golden rule no matter the occasion. 

Tip #3: Shoot RAW Images
This will give you the best opportunity to fine tune your photos.

Tip #4: Make Sure Your Subjects Are Backlit
We recommend backlighting your subjects for stellar golden hour photos. Backlighting will give your subjects a gorgeous glow and soften the shadows on their faces.

Tip #5: Control the Flare
Place the subject between the camera and light and then adjust your position to reveal more light, allowing just enough light for the perfect capture.

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