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February 28, 2023

Build A Personal Brand Giving You Freedom To Travel

Create A Personal Brand That Gives You The Freedom To Travel The World

Isn’t everybody’s dream to build a personal brand giving you freedom to work remotely? Having worked as a creative director for decades, I have become extremely savvy when it comes to the worlds of branding, digital design and travel. Not to mention, discovering the value of being able to work from anywhere in the world. I am a digital designer, photographer, and educator from a small mountain town in Durango, Colorado.

It is amazing how so many young professionals are living the digital nomad lifestyle. We live in a world where anything is possible. I find it extremely inspiring that so many people are putting their skills to use from coaching, digital courses, brand collaborations, photography collaborations, and beyond in order to travel the world and work remotely.

Wanderluxe Studio was created as a place to become inspired & educated for those not knowing where to start. I find that the digital space can be so taxing when it comes to figuring out the next steps. It seems like there is a lot of collaboration within this space, but knowing where to lean and how to get from A-Z can be a big challenge. Offering services that help guide my clients on how to get from where they are now to where they want to go is my biggest mission.

Create A Personal Brand That Gives You The Freedom To Travel The World

Build a Trustworthy and Authentic Brand

From the beginning, it’s imperative to decide how your brand should fit into the lifestyle you want. Not the other way around. If you design your life first, your brand will work for you. If your personal values are travel, then your brand will reflect that, making it easier to find relevant businesses to partner with that share your same values. More importantly, the end goal is to create freedom. This will help you find the path that will lead you to the right brand growth and work opportunities.

The goal is to create a personal brand so strong that people will trust you and pay for your services. More importantly, you must show people what you do, inspire them with tips, ideas, tools and resources that would allow them to be able to do the same. In my case, I have built a personal brand around my tagline, “creative adventures for creative people”.

For me, I have found a balance between inspirational content, valuable resources, and selling products and services. This has helped me build my personal brand. I have dedicated a resource page at the Wanderluxe Studio website where I have streamlined the top and most important companies to work with helping people save time and money. My goal in 2023, is to create a series of ebooks and a course that would be a complete roadmap for my clients on how to build their dream jobs. For now, I work one-one-one with clients to help them brand and build their dream business. Learn more about our one-on-one consulting.

Developing a Supportive Network

As we all know, we must come together to move forward in the most productive ways. My biggest tip for creating a thriving brand that allows you to travel is to create an inspiring, encouraging network. More importantly, a network of people who are like-minded in making their brands and lifestyles adaptable to travel. When we step out of the box doing something unconventional, some of the people in our lives won’t always get it or approve. My husband makes comments about how I work in bed late night because he is a conventional 9-4 human. But the people who actually understand, are the people who live a similar way and have similar goals. It is beyond important to build a strong support team of like-minded people because they are the best ones to connect, strategize with, and who offer advice and guidance.

Communication is Key

As we know, as long as you can work remotely, you can take your business anywhere you go in today’s world. But to do this successfully, you must have a strong sense of communication. Whether it’s an app, online service that helps you keep things streamlined, this is crucial for remote business success. By making this a priority, you will create a personal brand that allows you to live and work from anywhere. Discover some of our favorite resources at Wandersource (our business resource page).

Passive Income

In order to build a personal brand giving you freedom to work remotely and travel the world, it is so important to create passive income. This is revenue that is coming in ongoing. This could be through affiliates, courses, ebooks, youtube channel, podcast, and more. I have created affiliate partners, and have future plans to create Showit templates, ebooks, and a “course” that offers the complete roadmap on how to get started building the personal brand of your dreams. Here’s the BIG question I always hear. How do I drive traffic to my website? Through utilizing the power of Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, Showit, Society6, and building my own brand and website. It is overwhelming when it comes to the many ways to make money online. Another goal of mine is to help my tribe by simplifying this piece of the puzzle.

Multiple Streams of Income

I cannot stress the importance of offering different products and services that have different monetization strategies. This allows you to engage your audience in a number of ways. Testing different ideas is going to be key. Maybe you have a couple services you offer in addition to your passive income strategies. Lastly, partnering with other brands is a great way to branch out and get to get known! This helps create trust and shows you are an expert in your field.

Building Like-Minded Communities

Creating a personal brand that gives you the freedom to travel the world means travel should be the core of your goals and mission. Researching new communities to connect, learn, and grow with is a great way to grow your community. Even having a strong creative director background, I have bought into several courses from branding, content creation, photography, and beyond. In order to stay in the game, you need to have the growth mindset and always learn new ways, tips, and tricks in the digital nomad world. I also look for travel opportunities that promote personal growth.

Stay True To Your Mission

The truth is that you are actually the face of your brand! By focusing on your personal brand’s mission, you can help people, transform peoples lives, and create a profitable business. By serving your ideal clients and customers the possibilities are endless: Some examples include offering a variety of products and services that attract followers, helping change peoples lives, and create a tribe of fans that support your brand and help get you known.

Building Your Online Presence

Having an online presence is key when creating a personal brand that allows you to travel the world. If your brand exists in the digital world, how are you going to achieve the freedom to travel. In other words, if your brand presence is non-existent in the digital space then how are people going to trust you and pay you?

There are a number of ways to build a digital presence. We highly suggest building a website that represents your personal brand, creates trust, and provides credibility. This is the one investment that is most important. You own your domain and website and it will not be monitored by another tech company, so it is the least risky way to create a strong personal brand where your can include multiple monetizations strategies. Other ideas include podcasting, email lists/campaigns, and building a strong social media presence that is visually captivating, inspiring content. There are a variety of ways to help build your online presence.

In today’s digital world, the possibilities are truly endless if you hope to build a personal brand that allows for freedom and travel. I believe the trickiest part is getting started and knowing where to begin. As an entrepreneur, tech startup founder, and passionate creative director, my mission is to help you navigate the waters by simplifying your process, so you can do what you love most…TRAVEL THE WORLD!

From branding, art direction, brand/lifestyle photography, Showit websites, and beyond, we create a personalized experience showcasing authenticity, uniqueness, & individuality throughout our work. Our creative team brings limitless enthusiasm, positivity, and endless creativity to each & every design project. Our adventurous, ambitious vibe and years of creative expertise allow us to help you create the personal brand you’ve always imagined!

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