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August 30, 2023

Crafting A Personal Brand That Sells

Crafting A Personal Brand That Sells

Are you hoping to start a business or already diving in? If so, your starting point should be crafting a personal brand that sells.

When we hear the word branding, we think of a logo or marketing collateral. However, personal branding is not just your logo or catchy tagline. Your personal brand is your reputation and personality. It is beyond important to share your authentic self to make connections with customers, partners, and even potential investors.

An extraordinary personal brand should speak to who you are and what you stand for. Think of this as the heart and soul of your brand, shedding light on your values, expertise, and unique story.

Crafting A Personal Brand That Sells

Personal Brand = Digitized Personality

In today’s digital age, personal branding is more important than ever before. With social media and online platforms continually evolving, it’s a must to showcase your skills, expertise, and individualistic qualities to a global audience.

So what exactly is personal branding? We like to think of your personal brand as your digital personality and reputation. While these various aspects of branding like logo, color scheme, graphics elements are crucial to your brand’s identity, they are NOT what defines your personal brand.

Personal branding is about showcasing emotion with your audience, conveying your personality, and highlighting what makes you truly unique and different. Examples include, your strengths and values. Your personal brand should speak to what you want to be known for and sprinkling it throughout your digital platforms to help more people discover who you are.

Let’s Think About How Your Personal Brand Can Serve People

We like to think of your personal brand as a way to leverage your experiences, skills, and expertise, but to use it in a way that helps drive positive impact for the lives of others. When you are open to share your own personal story about something that you have experienced in your own life, you are more likely to connect with an audience that you can serve. Think of your personal brand as a way to create empathy, compassion, and connection.

Your Personal Brand Should Be The Heart Of What You Do

We like to dive deep to really look at the heart and why behind what our clients want to do and acheive. We help you discover, reflect, and simplify your “WHY”. Here are a few questions to begin the process.

  1. What are your passions?
  2. What problem can you solve?
  3. Are you experienced in what you do and how?
  4. What are your actual credentials?
  5. What is your dream business?
  6. What would people be willing to buy from you?

Has this got you thinking a bit?

Monetizing Your Personal Brand

It’s really easy to overdo and think that we need to have a too many revenue streams or offer endless services. I can tell you one thing about being an entrepreneur. Start small, stay focused, and pick one or two revenue streams before you end up loosing sight of what you set out to do. Focusing is key to driving success!

Overall, our mission is to help you discover your authentic self and leverage by creating a successful personal brand and one that you can monetize.

If you’re ready to build a personal brand, click here to book a call today! We help people get started on the journey of a lifetime! BOOK YOUR FREE CALL!


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