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February 21, 2022

Remote Jobs While Traveling

Let’s be honest..the idea of working a 9-5 isn’t the most appealing. Especially after the shift to remote work throughout the past few years during Covid. There is more opportunity now than ever, therefore I will share amazing opportunities to find remote jobs while traveling. Most jobs give you two weeks’ vacation at most, and you spend the rest of the year dreaming about wanderlusting.

Luckily, we live in a generation where it’s easier than ever to travel and work a remote job!

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the best jobs that allow you to travel!

Remote Jobs While Traveling

Flight Attendant

Is it time to put your wings on? Being a flight attendant is a pretty awesome job! You get to explore the world, learn about new cultures along the way, and travel with discounts on flights.

The downside is there is a lot of training and the hours are long, however, if you’re okay with constantly being gone and have a passion for customer service, then it’s definitely a career worth considering.

Remote Jobs While Traveling

Travel Advisor

Travel agents were huge back in the day, but then people started planning their own vacations. Well, advisors are actually making a comeback. With technology advancements, there are several technology platforms that bring on contractual travel advisors. This is a unique opportunity and gives you all the freedom in the world. You are paid typically 10% of the total sales you bring in for a company.

I work as a travel advisor for Fora – a new startup out of New York City. They do all the leg work by providing marketing and a platform, so it provides a very low overhead for me as the travel advisor. They have 40+ years of expertise in the travel industry working with vendors and DMCs, therefore providing amazing destination resources and training.

So why would someone use a travel advisor when they can book a trip online themselves? For example, Fora offers upgrades and perks when booking specific destinations. Who wouldn’t want to pay the same, but get an extra night or a free spa treatment?

So what’s the best part? Research. You become knowledgeable about destinations, therefore companies will usually send you to various countries around the world for free! Free travel sounds great to me!

Start a Freelancing Business

There are so many freelancing businesses that you can start. From writing, graphic design, marketing, photography, videography, and beyond – there is a job for a variety of interests.

With so many free and paid-for resources available online, you can teach yourself everything you need to know and turn your passion into a successful business.

I help travel & lifestyle professionals brand and build their businesses. We typically build on the Showit platform which offers a beautiful, yet functional website to get your business launched in a quick turnaround. Interested in learning more about how I can help you get your next business up and running? Reach out!

Remote Jobs While Traveling

Travel Blogging

Another way I bring income in while traveling is through my travel blog. People often ask how I make money to travel. The short answer is that I turned my blog into a sustainable business providing a passive income.

Other ways to generate income through blogging are by collaborating with your favorite travel brands, providing write-ups and finding paid partnerships through social channels.

While travel blogging has become quite popular, there is still room in the industry for you to get started! There are many blogging courses that are available online. I have dabbled in joining free masterclasses and some paid online training programs. I really like Her course provides a-z how to get started to begin living out your dream job.

Interested in starting a travel blog? Check out my guide!

There are so many other ways to find remote work opportunities while traveling, however, these are some of my top picks for career choices. Get paid to write, take travel photos, make travel videos, collaborate with favorite brands, and sustain your own dream job? It truly doesn’t get much better!

Ready to learn more?

Check out: The Simple Guide To Travel Blogging

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