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January 14, 2022

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Traveling can easily throw off your daily routine. From getting off track with your regular exercise routine to not eating your typical diet, sometimes it feels like it is a challenge to stay healthy when traveling

Good news, you can still travel, be healthy, eat right, and exercise!

Traveling can open your mind to things you may be missing in your daily regimen. You may realize you need to switch up your diet & exercise and even find new ways to add health into your daily routine from your travel excursions.

Learn how to stay healthy while traveling!

Be Mindful of Nutrition + Hydration

Eating well can be a chore sometimes. It is easy to go back to old habits while eating on the fly while traveling. The best advice would be to keep it simple!

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Balancing Meals

While traveling, it is so important not to skip breakfast. Once you get the day started, you may realize the reason you are feeling tired was in fact because you forgot to eat and drink adequately. There are times you won’t have a kitchen, so eating in isn’t always an option. Make sure the hotels you choose have great breakfast options to get your day rolling the healthy way. Eating out can also cause temptations to food that may not make you feel 100%, so stick to a meal that you feel will make you feel replenished.

We always love choosing local places that offer farm-to-table options. However, there will be times when you cannot find these little nooks. The good news is, there is always some type of healthy options at most restaurants. On long trips, keep an eye out for farm stands with fruits and veggies. This is a great way to snack on healthy foods!

It’s all about balancing the not-so-great treats with healthy meals and nutritious snacks. Focus on eating your veggies and fruits while getting an adequate source of protein.

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Staying Hydrated While Traveling

Water, water, water… Before you head on your adventure, learn about the local water supply. If the water is not drinkable, keep stocked on bottled water. It is always a great idea to carry a water bottle that has a filter.

Make sure you are sipping on water all day and have at least one glass with every meal. Dehydration can make a great adventure become unpleasant. We believe in making sure you have electrolyte packs on hand at all times. Especially on active days. We recommend Emergen C Immune Packets because not only do they keep you hydrated, they keep your immune system up and give you a boost of energy!


Along with keeping up a healthy diet, vitamins and supplements are super important. They keep you balanced and help you feel the way you want to feel while on the go. Traveling can wear you down and expose you to new germs, so it is really important to keep your immune system healthy.

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Keeping Active While Traveling

Being away from the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in! There are countless options to keep active while traveling. You don’t have to climb mountains or tackle a race, but walking wherever you can is a great way to keep you moving. If you consider taking an Uber, ask yourself first if that is a walkable ride.

There is so much to see while traveling. Go for a hike, jog or swim in the ocean.

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

Take Time To Chill To Keep You Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can burn you out! You’ve got to take time for yourself.

It’s crucial to your physical and mental health to give yourself the space to recuperate.

We always make sure that our last days of the trip are filled with ample R & R. After an amazing journey, the last thing to do is go home feeling like you need another vacation.

Travel isn’t about doing as much as you possibly can. We all want to see and do it all, but that can cause stress and defeat the purpose of a great travel itinerary. We like to make the most of our time. However, if you are feeling the need to chill out at the hotel and cozy up, then listen to what your body is needs.

Our number one recommendation is to make sure you get enough sleep every night. If you are out late one night, make up for it the next so you don’t run yourself down. The last thing you want is to spend your entire vacation in bed sick.

Take Care Of Your Skin While Traveling

One thing we always notice is how our skin can change so rapidly to different climates. Make sure you pack your skincare essentials in case you can’t find them on your travels.

Learn more about our eco friendly beauty routine for any budget!

One thing we never go without is sunscreen! Make sure to choose healthy options that won’t harm our environment.

Hats, hats, hats! We always recommend traveling with a good hat wherever you go. Check out some of our favorite stylish, functional hat options to keep the rays off your face!

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