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September 13, 2023

Adventuring With Pinterest Marketing Guide

The Essential Guide to Pinterest Marketing For Travel Brands

There are several niches that need to be on Pinterest. We bet you didn’t know that more than 63 million people engage with travel related content globally on Pinterest every month. So what does that mean? If you’re a travel brand, you NEED to be on Pinterest NOW. We are clearly a bit travel obsessed, but our essential guide to Pinterest marketing for travel brands provides you all the basics to learn about why Pinterest is the smartest platform to drive traffic to all your marketing channels. Now let’s learn how this amazing platform can help your travel brand grow organically, fast, and efficiently.

We’re streamlining the “why, what, and how” to build a Pinterest marketing strategy to propel your travel brand forward. Ready to explore?

Why Pinterest for Marketing For Travel Brands?

WHY? Your audience is on the platform actively looking for what you have to offer.

We’ve done the research and know that travel is one of the biggest categories on Pinterest. Whether seeking inspiration or gathering content to plan trips and vacations, people are looking for you. Are you getting the gist? You have a huge audience of people who are actively looking for what you have to offer that is untapped!

Pinterest users utilize the platform to discover the best destinations, accommodations, travel related products, itineraries and more. People are looking for travel inspiration spending hours on end on the Pinterest platform!

Whether you’re a luxury destination, off-beaten-path-stay, a travel blog, travel photographer, booking site, guided tours operation, or a travel product brand, Pinterest is the perfect platform for generating brand awareness and leads.

So What Can Pinterest Do For Your Brand?

There are two main marketing benefits of Pinterest:

  1. Driving website traffic to ALL your marketing channels
  2. Building trust & brand awareness

So you may be wondering how Pinterest is different from other social media platforms? Pinterest is not actually a social media platform. It is a “search engine” that is designed to get people from a pin to your marketing channels so you can drive leads. Imagine all this website traffic being funneled towards your end goal including website traffic to increase ad revenue, hotel bookings, email list signups, product purchase, and more.

In addition, it’s the perfect platform for building trust & brand awareness. It’s the perfect way for travel brands to organically get in front of a new or larger audience.

How To Use Pinterest Marketing For Travel Brands

Are you convinced yet? If you’re ready to grow your travel brand on Pinterest, follow the steps below.

1. Pinterest is a search engine, so doing your “keyword” research is number one. Then strategizing how to build it into your content is crucial.

2. Pinterest is a visual search engine, so having stunning visuals is a top priority. We mean gorgeous photography and branded graphics. Need some help? Learn more about our brand photoshoots.

3. Creating quality content is key, so if your content isn’t good, then people are not going to no click through. Creating consistent, beneficial content is essential to driving success. Depending on your brand, think about content such as; photography, guides, blog posts, etc.

4. Check out Pinterest’s latest trends, use this search will let you see which topics are currently trending.

5. Utilize Pinterest as a funnel marketing channel, so people can discover your brand, gain trust, and then follow the next step towards your end goal. Use the platform to drive conversions.

What do you think? Did we provide enough enticing information to get you started using the TOP platform for driving traffic, building trust and brand recognition? Are you ready to grow your travel brand with a purposeful Pinterest strategy? We’d love to work with you to set you out on the right path. Reach out to get started!


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