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May 25, 2023

Why Every Influencer Needs A Website?

Leasing Your Digital Footprint

It’s so impressive how the most engaging influencers are able to build and captivate an audience. This has opened a world of opportunity in the social space and will continually evolve. Social media has changed the way we discover, research, & purchase products, but here are the top reasons why every influencer needs a website.

Utilizing today’s platforms is a great way to get noticed and drive traffic to your profile, however you do not actually own your content. You are playing by the rules of social platforms. In addition, they control the algorithms that bring content to the surface. They also manage how data is used and how you can earn money.

After all, by building a presence only on social media platforms you are essentially “renting space” on someone else’s platform instead of owning your own platform. When you’re renting on someone else’s platform you have to keep up with the rules. By investing in your own website and email lists you are building long term digital assets. It is important to do this alongside your social media. This gives you the benefits of both worlds and helps you to use social media to grow owned channels.

Reasons Why You Should Own Your Platform

#1: Evergreen content helps SEO

By posting your content on your website, you will start driving traffic from people on search engines looking for what you’re talking about. Furthermore, by creating in-depth guides, tutorials, posts, or articles that showcase your brand’s expertise you differentiate from others which helps your SEO. Cornerstone content establishes your brand and makes you stand out as an expert in your area. Additionally, this leads to higher trust & credibility.

#2: Sell products & services to your audience

By growing your audience, you have a multitude of ways to monetize your business. Having a website allows you to showcase products alongside your content. This creates an experience where your target market can engage with you and make purchases.

#3: Capture emails with new content, products, and events

Email lists are so important for tapping into your audience. Growing an email is a very low cost and is a great way to achieve higher engagement way to showcase new products, content, events, and collaborations with your audience.

#4: Have a place for people to learn more about you

Owning your own platform gives you a space to highlight the work you do, tell more about what you offer, and collect information for new opportunities. In addition, having a professional portfolio and website says that you’re a professional. This will give you an upper hand when compared to other influencers who do not have a website.

#5: Your Digital Home

Above all, as the digital world evolves so will all the social platforms. Having a website serves as a long term home base for you as your business grows. The importance of owning your own space living in a digital world is crucial.

Influencer Websites Are Essential

Taking the time to build your digital home that you can forever call yours is as important as the amount of time you spend on your social media content. The great part is that you can do this alongside your social media efforts, which in turn can accelerate your growth.

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